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Information about Shadow Council

West Suffolk Council will be created on 1 April 2019.  Its ‘shadow council’ is made up of the 72 councillors of Forest Heath District and St Edmundsbury Borough Councils and will remain operational alongside Forest Heath and St Edmundsbury for the time-being; however, from 1 April 2019, the Shadow Council will take over all the powers and functions of Forest Heath and St Edmundsbury until 6 May 2019.


You can find out who the councillors are on the Councillors pages.


All Councillors meet together as the Shadow Council.  The Shadow Council is chaired by a Chairman and neither the Chairman nor the Vice-Chairman has any Shadow Executive (Cabinet) responsibilities.  Meetings of the Shadow Council are normally open to the public.  There are certain things the law says only the full Shadow Council can decide.  Other matters are decided by the Shadow Executive (Cabinet), which is held to account by the Shadow Scrutiny Committee. The Shadow Council has no Regulatory Committees as it has no regulatory functions.