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Planning Application DC/17/1093/FUL - Stanton Community Primary School, Bury Lane, Stanton (Report No: DEV/WS/20/028)

Report No: DEV/WS/20/028


(i) Conversion and change of use of redundant school building to form 3no. residential units and; (ii) new vehicular access and associated parking


(i) Conversion and change of use of redundant school building to form 3no. residential units and; (ii) new vehicular access and associated parking


This application was referred to the Development Control Committee following consideration at the Delegation Panel.


The Principal Planning Officer – Major Projects drew attention to the following item on the agenda which set out a separate, but related planning application (DC/17/1087/FUL) for determination, which proposed the construction of 7 dwellings on the site of the former primary school (excluding its playing field) and would involve the demolition of the former school building.


As part of his presentation the Officer included videos of the site which he took the Committee through by way of a virtual ‘site visit’.


Officers were recommending that the application be approved subject to the completion of a S106 Agreement and conditions, as set out in Paragraph 120 of Report No DEV/WS/20/028.


Speaker:      Councillor Jim Thorndyke (Ward Member: Stanton) spoke on the application


Considerable discussion on the application took place by the Committee, following which the Case Officer responded on the following points:

Hedgerow – it was confirmed that the hedgerow in question was not a designated ancient hedgerow. Members were also provided with an explanation in respect of the Hedgerow Regulations and informed that any planning permission superseded these regulations;

Access Gradients – had largely been responsible for the time that had passed since original submission of the application in light of the Highways Authority initially raising concerns on the gradients first proposed within the scheme; and

Grass Bank Stability – it was clarified that the stability of the grass bank would be the responsibility of the owner and was not a material planning consideration.


Following further comments the Service Manager (Planning – Development) clarified that the Planning Authority could not dictate how applicants managed multiple applications/sites.  It was highlighted that irrespective of the two separate applications Officers had considered the two schemes collectively in relation to S106 Obligation requirements.


The Committee were also advised that the lack of affordable housing from the scheme was purely due to Vacant Building Credit having been applied.


A number of points were raised with regard to potential overlooking from the first-floor windows at the rear of the existing building.  In response, the Principal Planning Officer – Major Projects advised that Members could, if they wished, include an additional condition to stipulate that obscure glaze was used in the lower half of the sash window in question.


Councillor David Roach proposed that the application be approved as per the Officer recommendation and inclusive of the additional condition with regard to obscure glazing.  This was duly seconded by Councillor Roger Dicker.


Upon being put to the vote and with 14 voting for the motion, 1 against and with 1 abstention it was resolved that




Planning permission be GRANTED subject to:


The completion of an Agreement (or equivalent) under S106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) to secure the following from this planning application (in combination with the related proposals for three dwellings reference DC/17/1087/OUT):


·         Education contribution (as set out at Paragraph 12 of the report)

·         Libraries contribution (as set out at Paragraph 12 of the report)


And subject to conditions, including:


·         Development to commence within 3 years of the date of the permission

·         Compliance with approved plans

·         Materials (bricks to be re-used in the door and window alterations insofar as is practicable)

·         Full details of any replacement windows/doors to the front of the building (during the conversion or following occupation)

·         Removal of permitted development rights for alterations to the frontage of the building

·         Removal of permitted development rights for provision of means of enclosure in front of the dwellings.

·         Approval of details of means of enclosure to the rear of the building

·         As recommended by the Highway Authority (conditions are summarised at Paragraph 10 of the report)

·         Details of any hard or soft landscaping proposals to site frontage

·         Retention and protection of trees to be retained.

·         To secure the ecological enhancement measures recommended in the bat report.

·         Compliance with Building Control Requirements for reduced water consumption

·         Surface water drainage scheme, including future management and maintenance (to be submitted with the reserved matters)

·         Bat survey results (and any mitigation requirements arising) to be submitted and approved before any development in the buildings commences

·         Lighting strategy (including no external lighting to be provided on the dwellings or their gardens unless agreed following consideration of a bat impact report)

·         Rear first floor window to include obscure glaze in the lower half of the sash


(On conclusion of this item the Chair permitted a short comfort break and asked that an adjournment slide be displayed in the live stream, before reconvening the virtual meeting and taking a roll-call of those present.)

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