Issue - decisions

Applications for Community Chest 2022 to 2023

10/02/2022 - Community Chest and Theatre Royal Grants 2022 to 2023




A.       Recommendations of the Grant Working Party: Community Chest


1.       the allocation of Community Chest funding for 2022 to 2023, be approved, namely:


a.       Reach Community Projects, Newmarket        £5,000

b.       West Suffolk Citizens Advice, West Suffolk    £215,000

c.       Abbeycroft Leisure, West Suffolk         £10,992

d.       Mildenhall and District Sea Cadets, Mildenhall£6,000

e.       Moreton Hall Youth Action Group, Bury St Edmunds£12,520

f.       Suffolk Accident and Rescue Service (SARS), West Suffolk£10,000

g.       West Suffolk Hive CIC, West Suffolk    £1,880

h.       Alumah CIO, Brandon      £4,058

i.        Bury Women’s Aid, West Suffolk £16,225

j.        Hope After Suicide Loss, West Suffolk£14,175

k.       Relate, West Suffolk        £3,750

l.        Room 4, Haverhill  £4,680

m.      Suffolk Rape Crisis, West Suffolk         £7,000

n.       The Befriending Scheme, Haverhill      £5,267

o.       Homestart in Suffolk, West Suffolk      £5,700

p.       Homestart Mid and West Suffolk, West Suffolk        £15,000

q.       Sharing Parenting – Community Outreach, Newmarket


r.       Sharing Parenting – SEN Parent Support, West Suffolk     £12,480

s.       Still Good Food CIO, Bury St Edmunds£7,400

t.       Art Branches CIC, West Suffolk£10,776

u.       Memories are Golden CIO, Haverhill    £5,100

v.       Millennium Farm Trust, West Suffolk   £5,000

w.      St Nicholas Hospice Trust, West Suffolk        £20,000

x.       Steel Bones, West Suffolk£5,500

y.       The Shed, West Row        £5,000

z.       Bury Drop In, Bury St Edmunds£10,000

aa.     Gatehouse Caring, Bury St Edmunds   £10,000

bb.     Our Special Friends, West Suffolk        £10,000

cc.     The Voluntary Network, West Suffolk  £14,430

dd.     Wood Monkey CIC, West Suffolk          £8,400


2.       No Community Chest funding be awarded for two years for the reasons outlined in paragraph 3.3 of Report number: CAB/WS/22/009.


3.       For the reasons set out in paragraph 3.5.2 of Report number: CAB/WS/22/009, no Community Chest funding for 2022 to 2023 be awarded to:


a.       Abbey 1000, West Suffolk

b.       All Saints Under Fives Pre-School, Newmarket

c.       Brandon Creative Forum, Brandon

d.       Bury Christian Youth, Bury St Edmunds

e.       Cavendish Bowls Club, Cavendish

f.       Clare Swimming Club, Clare

g.       Dance East, West Suffolk

h.       Mildenhall Girl Guides, Mildenhall

i.        St Peter’s Church, Brandon

j.        Suffolk Young People’s Health Project, West Suffolk

k.       Brandon in Bloom, Brandon

l.        Greener Growth CIC, West Suffolk

m.      Haverhill Community Trust – Volunteer Centre, Haverhill

n.       SOS Bus CIO, Newmarket

o.       The Tree Action Society of Clare (TASC), Clare

p.       Beck Row Methodist Church, Beck Row

q.       Honington and Sapiston Village Hall, Honington and Sapiston

r.       Lidgate Village Hall, Lidgate

s.       Suffolk Building Preservation Trust Limited, Pakenham

t.       Freedom Bury St Edmunds CIC, Bury St Edmunds

u.       Restitute CIC, West Suffolk

v.       Suffolk Family Carers, West Suffolk

w.      Suffolk Mind, West Suffolk

x.       The Lightwave Community CIO, Red Lodge and Beck Row

y.       St John’s Church, Beck Row

z.       Newmarket Community Arts Centre Forum, Newmarket


B.       Core Funding: Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds


That a grant of £61,000 core funding be approved for the Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds for 2022 to 2023, ahead of a wider review of funding in time for the 2023 to 2024 award, as set out in Appendix 2 to Report number: CAB/WS/22/009.