Issue - decisions

Public Access to West Suffolk Council Offices

01/07/2021 - Public access to West Suffolk Council offices




1.       It be noted, as set out in the Council’s Customer Access Strategy, the continued prioritisation of online and telephone customer support to improve customer service.


2.       It be noted, the type and level of contact managed by the Customer Service team and the impact of COVID-19 on customer access.


3.       If face to face customer contact is necessary, it be agreed that it is by appointment only.


4.       The following changes to the Council’s buildings and customer access be agreed, noting this formalises a number of arrangements that have been in place since March 2020 due to COVID restrictions: 


a.       Haverhill Office – Office to remain open for pre-booked appointments with no Council reception service. Public access to Council services provided by a phone and computers on site.


b.       Newmarket Guineas – Office to remain closed to the public and used only as an office base for car park staff. The future use of the office will be kept under review and subject to further consideration.


c.       Mildenhall Hub - Public access to Council services provided by a phone and computers on site or through a pre-booked appointment. A Hub Host service provided on site covering all co-located partner services.


d.       Mildenhall bus station – Building to remain open as a place of shelter and access to public toilets. No Council reception services provided.


e.       West Suffolk House – Building to reopen with reception staff to provide a visitor management service (for access to meetings for the Council and building tenants). Public access to Council services provided by a phone and computers on site or via pre-arranged appointment.


f.       West Suffolk Operational Hub, Council depot – Reception to remain open to support pre-booked workshop business and for appointment only visitor management.


g.       Car park office, Bury St Edmunds - No public access to be available from this site. All services to be provided online or via telephone.            


5.       The financial impacts as set out in paragraph 6.1 of Report number: CAB/WS/21/026 be noted, and funding for the one-off costs from the Council’s Invest to Save reserve be approved.