Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Former St Felix Middle School Site, Newmarket: Development Brief17/06/2022For Determination19/07/2022
Land in Great Barton: Development Brief17/06/2022For Determination19/07/2022
West Suffolk Council Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicle Policy: Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV) and Zones Review17/06/2022For Determination19/07/2022
Markets Review17/06/2022For Determination19/07/2022
Environment and Climate Change Action Plans: 2022 Update17/06/2022For Determination19/07/2022
UK Shared Prosperity Fund20/05/2022Recommmend Forward to Council19/07/2022
Sunnica Energy Farm Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP): West Suffolk Council's Written Representation22/04/2022For DeterminationNot before 24/05/2022
Revenues Collection Performance and Write-Offs25/03/2022For Determination14/03/2023
Treasury Management Report - December 202225/03/2022Recommmend Forward to Council07/02/2023
Financial Resilience - Strategy Statement 2023 to 2024 and Treasury Management Code of Practice25/03/2022Recommmend Forward to Council07/02/2023
Budget and Council Tax Setting 2023 to 2024 and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2023 to 202725/03/2022Recommmend Forward to Council07/02/2023
Delivering a Sustainable Medium Term Budget25/03/2022Recommmend Forward to Council07/02/2023
Community Chest and Theatre Royal Grants 2023 to 202425/03/2022For Determination07/02/2023
Revenues Collection Performance and Write-Offs25/03/2022For Determination06/12/2022
Treasury Management Report - September 202225/03/2022Recommmend Forward to Council06/12/2022
Delivering a Sustainable Medium Term Budget25/03/2022Recommmend Forward to Council06/12/2022
Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2023 to 202425/03/2022Recommmend Forward to Council08/11/2022
Council Tax Base for Tax Setting Purposes 2023 to 202425/03/2022Recommmend Forward to Council08/11/2022
Revenues Collection Performance and Write-Offs25/03/2022For Determination20/09/2022
Treasury Management Report - June 202225/03/2022Recommmend Forward to Council20/09/2022
Annual Treasury Management and Financial Resilience Report (2021 to 2022)25/03/2022Recommmend Forward to Council20/09/2022
West Suffolk Annual Report 2021 to 202225/03/2022For Determination19/07/2022
Sunnica Energy Farm Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP): West Suffolk Council's Local Impact Report25/03/2022For DeterminationNot before 26/04/2022