12/07/2024 - Acquisition of Property for Temporary Accommodation

12 July 2024

Issue of General Exception Notice

When this item was published in the Decisions Plan on 21 June 2024, the Plan showed the amount of funding that was available allowing the purchase of only one unit of temporary accommodation.  However, the available amount of funding streams has now increased allowing the purchase of up to five units of temporary accommodation.


Therefore, an amendment is required to be made to the description contained under the heading ‘Subject and purpose of decision’.  This amendment is shown below using strikethrough and emboldened text to highlight the change:


Acquisition of Property for Temporary Accommodation (21 June 2024)

The Cabinet will be asked to make a decision on establishing a capital budget of up to £321,000 £887,750 utilising available funding streams, for the purchase of one five units of temporary accommodation within the district.

Decision Maker: Cabinet

Decision due date: 23/07/2024

Wards affected: (All Wards);

Lead officer: Jill Korwin, Rachael Mann

Notice of decision: 21/06/2024